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Sunday, February 27, 2005

I'm just so proud of L.W. Our Church is also very impressed with her talents. She has begun a Christian Drama class on Wednesday nights and has written, directed and produced several humorous skits over the past few weeks. Today, one man read a letter from his dear, departed friend about how he managed to adjust to his wife slowing down in her old age. He was understanding that she would no longer clean the kitchen immediately after dinner and was unable to mow the lawn without breaks. This understanding gentleman would allow for her failings and would be willing to nap until things were set right. The second skit today was the telling of a cake-top bride and groom of their travails at various weddings. They had seen all sorts of strife among married couples, but were confident that marriage could last, especially if God were at the center of the relationship. L.W. edited the scripts, made the props, helped with the costumes and directed the players. She is truly a marvel and I am very grateful.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Do You Love Your Indians, Deep Down in Your Heart?

The mighty Lady Indians nearly went all the way. They lost to their arch-rivals in the final game of the Championship series. They did their best. They had a good run. And they had the best cheerleaders. I figure, the cheerleaders were good for at least three points per game. Sometimes, that's just enough to make the difference. Sometimes not. But they did their best and had lots of fun. That's what really matters. Great job Ladies.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

a light, wet, late season snow falling with light winds sticks to even the smallest branches of this tree to make it look flocked

The Reign of Old Man Winter

One thing I love about living in Missouri is that you get to experience all four seasons, in fairly equal measure. There aren't the interminable winters of northern Minnesota or the eternal summers of the south. Each season obediently remains within it's own natural boundaries and dares not wander. Such is the case with Old Man Winter. He is nearing the end of his rope. In less than a month, his reign will end and a young and beautiful Spring will emerge. Until then, we can enjoy the beauty of Old Man Winter who has outgrown the harshness and bitterness of his youth and has matured with dignity.

Monday, February 21, 2005

He's Good Lookin' and He Can Cook

Salad anyone? Hey, get that boot off the table

Sometimes, it feels good to go back to work--just so I can get a little rest. Over the Valentine's Day weekend, Lovely Wife and I catered two events. The first was a luncheon for some folks who were attending a marriage counseling seminar at our church. L.W. created a lovely and light Texican Fiesta. Texican soup, Avacado Salad, Quesadillas, with chips and hot sauce. For desert, oatmeal cake with pecan praline sauce. She also brought the table decorations, which I think were very appropriate. But that was not all, oh no, that was not all. (That's from The Cat in the Hat, for you aficionados. --ed.).

We also catered a banquet for 65 that very same evening (Sorry, too rushed and bushed for pics). The planned caterer for the evening banquet had a death in the family, so Lovely Wife agreed to fill in on short notice. Luckily, she had her trusty helpers. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, and rolls. For desert: chocolate cake with chocolate pudding. It was a busy day and I was bushed. But it would have been much worse without our dedicated helper Tammy. She was a Godsend. Thank you Tammy, we owe you!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Joys of Fatherhood

I wanna Rock!!! Lovely Daughter and fellow cheerleader

Today I'll treat all of you to a Lovely Children Twin-Spin. Lovely Daughter is nearing the end of her basketball cheerleading season, so I thought I'd throw in a video clip of their latest routine. The squad has worked long and hard and it has really come together. I'm just glad that L.D. is not one of the "flyers". Meanwhile, BoyHead and the band have been working on new songs. They still need a singer (oh yeah, and some words), so it' purely instrumental at this point. Their new hit single is Monkey in a Suit. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 5, 2005

2005 St. Louis Car Show

BoyHead and I went to the St. Louis Car Show today. B.H. subscribes to Car and Driver so he's all in the know. I saw lots of cars I would love to drive, but hate to own. I think the Ford GT tops the list. Very cool, but terribly impractical. I was very fond of the Jaguar station wagon. I really like a station wagon. I like my Taurus wagon, but it's not a Jag. I really like the new Corvettes too. Also the Cadillac XLR was pretty sparkly. There were really too many to mention, so I made you a slide show. Enjoy!