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Monday, February 26, 2007

Baby Think About ItTM

Lovely little bundle of wires She'll make a good mom...someday Today Lovely Daughter came home with the newest member of our family--Little Baby Think About It. I just call it "It" for short. This little bundle of wires is programmed to cry and fuss intermittently. There are sensors that detect rocking motions which (allegedly) eventually calm the little robot. There is also a metal key to insert to indicate It has been fed or changed. L.D. has to care for It for three days. Also, It is a stoolie. After 3 days, the teacher reads the data stored in It and L.D. gets a grade based on how well she cared for It. I could hear the thing crying in the middle of the night and L.D. had to get up and take care of it. Pretty realistic. Much better than carrying an egg around as was done in my day.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Banking with Pride

omigosh, what's my pin, what's my pin?

Not long ago, we upgraded Lovely Daughter's bank account from the young-punk-with-no-job account to the young-saver-and-tither-deluxe account. Best of all, the new account comes with an ATM/debit card. Up until now, L.D. could only get money as "cash back" when she deposited her paycheck. Now she's free to spend her money at will. I hope she chooses wisely, since she's saving for a car.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Let the Healing Begin

Lovely Wife has undergone her second surgery in as many months to reconstruct her badly broken ankle, knee and foot. Her most recent surgery was January 30 (one day after her birthday) and they placed a couple of plates in her leg to fix the tibia. The surgery was successful and the doctors anticipate a complete recovery. Additional surgeries, while possible, are not expected. She now has a cast on the thing, but cannot put weight on it for three months. Her next appointment is February 22, when they will see how she's doing and possibly fit her for an air boot. Now, I'm not really sure what an air boot is, but it sounds much more comfortable than the fiberglass monstrosity she has now.

Love that Percocet Yikes!She still gets around a bit on her walker, but is mostly confined to bed. Her endurance is low, she's still taking pain meds and when the foot is down it turns blue within 10 minutes. Life has been a bit of a struggle lately, but our friends, family and church family have been amazing. We have had dinner delivered every other day (for a while, it was every single day) for well over a month and dinners are scheduled through February. L.W. has had cards, letters, visits, phone calls that have lifted her spirits. L.W.'s attitude is, "Hey, everyone has bad stuff happen to them. If this is my bad thing, then great...I'll take it. It could be so much worse". It's a great attitude to have. I'm very proud of her and how she's dealt with this trauma. Her strong faith bolsters her in times like this.