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Saturday, July 24, 2005

BoyHead's First Car

I learned to drive a stick in record time

It was a day that he'll remember the rest of his life. We picked up BoyHead's new car on Thursday and it was such a great day. Every other sentence was, "I'm diggin' the Jetta". He was so excited. When we got home, we immediately commenced to learning how to drive a stick. There were a couple of stalls. A few grinding gears. At least one, "I forgot to use the clutch". But very soon B.H. was driving a stick. Driving his new car. A car that he bought and paid for with his own money. I just love seeing him so happy and I can't wait until his next major milestone: Graduation.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hard Work and Determination Pays Off

One more trip across town to pick this ride up and I'll be done for two years

At the beginning of last school year, on the precipice of BoyHeads sixteenth birthday, I told him (in answer to his numerous queries), "get good grades, get a job, get a that order". Well, the BoyHead rounded out the year with a 3.7 GPA. He got a job mowing lawns, edging and all around yard work at the local Country Club. He's been working and saving for nearly three months. Finally, the fruit of his labors. BoyHeads new car (for alternate views, click here or here. A lovely 1995 Volkswagen Jetta. Very nice, inside and out. The engine simply purrs. We have negotiated the price and will pick it up tomorrow. After that, I'll get some pics of the B.H. with his new car. Then...I may never see him again.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

They're on a Mission....From God

I know she'll miss me greatly The Group--L.D. is in red

Lovely Daughter and the youth from FBC left today for a one week mission trip to Alabama. They will be running a Vacation Bible School and helping to rebuild some damage from last year's hurricane. I am so glad that L.D. had the opportunity to go this year and I think it will influence her greatly. She sent letters out to family and friends requesting donations to help finance her trip. The response was overwhelming. Thanks to everyone who contributed. I have no doubt that these fine young punks (and I say that lovingly) will do many good things down there in AL.

Friday, July 15, 2005

2005 Muny Season

No, I didn't take this picture.  It's from The Muny website.

The 2005 Muny season is in full swing. The Muny is a real gem to those of us in St. Louis. It's the oldest and largest outdoor theatre in the country. So far, I have missed "Beauty and the Beast" and "Annie Get Your Gun". This evening, Lovely Wife and I saw "Jesus Christ Superstar". While I really enjoyed the music (much of it was already residing within the deep recesses of my brain), I was underwhelmed by the staging. Also, to those of you who haven't seen it (or have forgotten) there is a surprise ending: Jesus dies in the end. Yup, that's where the show ends. Just like "Godspell" they missed the real ending.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

...and Butterflies are Free to Fly

Now, I'm not one who generally photographs nature (unless you count dead cows), but I thought this particular butterfly was exceptional. I was hard at work sharpening my nose on the grindstone, when Lovely Daughter pointed out this artifact of nature in our backyard. I couldn't resist.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Celebration Weekend

Lovely Daughter was in the parade--and she had a USA tan line afterwards Those crazy Shriners The Mighty Holt Indian Marching Band

Here's the thing I like most about the Fourth (well, other than all that, "thank you forefathers for your wisdom, perseverence and faithfulness" stuff): It's all outside. The Fourth of July is a truly out-of-doors holiday. The parades. The fireworks. The barbeque. The ski show. You just can't do that stuff inside. My peeling forehead can attest to that. We spent our weekend doing all these things.

girl wakeboarders All girl pyramid The Ballet Line

And we saw the Motor City Madman (a.k.a Ted Nugent). Ted chastised the cowboys in the audience, telling them that, "bulls are not meant for riding...they're meant to shoot and eat". Amen, Brother Ted--make mine a ribeye. All was well in Nugentland until we were swamped by a mid afternoon thunderstorm. We all huddled at the base of the St. Louis Arch like wet mice hoping to escape the deluge. Alas, no joy. We ended the afternoon thoroughly soaked.

This is the guy who had gone missing from the Rams games last year.  I found him.  I told him that I'd been very worried, but he assured me that he had been to all the Rams and Cards games last year--decked out in full regalia Can you see Ted? Not much of an umbrella

We had an excellent dinner with friends and then went to see the fireworks from their boat. Awesome. The explosions could be heard echoing off the shoreline. The wind was so still that the smoke would not dissipate or blow away. The effect was chilling. Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

Ooohhhh Aaahhh Stern Girls

Saturday, July 2, 2005

Car Search

A little small A little small...and a piece of crap
Today, BoyHead and I began our search for the perfect car. Initially, it was a balance between what looked cool and what was affordable. After test driving a few cool ones, BH decided the balance should be affordable v.s. comfortable. He was already a bit cramped in a few of the models we looked at (Eagle Talon, Ford Probe). And he's still growing. But BoyHead is a smart kid--he's willing to listen to reason. That's why we're now looking at 4-door sedans. Besides, how cool can you look with your knees at your chest and a wheel in your gut?

Friday, July 1, 2005

The End of an Era

Bush Stadium Fred Bird...yes, he's old enough to drive.  In fact, he's old enough to be an AARP member This was the view last evening from inside Busch Stadium as the St. Louis Cardinals battled (well, sort of) the Colorado Rockies. Alas, this is a view that will soon be only a memory. Bush Stadium will be sacrificed on the altar of corporate greed next year as a new ballpark (with more high dollar luxury boxes) is foisted upon the city and the taxpayers of the entire state by the fat cat owners and their willing accomplices in the state legislature. I thought it was particularly enlightening when my Libertarian friend mentioned that it really goes against his libertarian nature. I mentioned that it also goes against by conservative grain. I'm sure that the liberals are equally ruffled. So then comes the questions...why? The, power and influence have no particular political affiliations. Politics are simply a means to an end for these folks. But I did enjoy the evening and the friendship of these chaps (chap 1 and chap 2, sorry I missed chap 3).