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Friday, September 25, 2006

Four Drivers

Do I know you??? I'm free!!! OMIGOSH

Well, the last of our brood now has the legal ability to drive on public streets. Lovely Daughter passed the drivers license examination on her first try. L.D. is not the nervous type, but she was very agitated prior to the exam. It may have been because her paucity of paralell parking experience. We took a few tries at the "official paralell parking" location prior to the test--until we were kicked off by one of the examiners who said we were a disturbance to other examinees. Of course, I brought my camera to record the entire event. I attempted to get a pic of L.D. in the waiting room, but she deliberately ignored me. I did take a pic of L.D. and the examiner going to the car and wanted to get a group picture after the fact, but L.D. would not have it. She did, however, pose gladly for the glam shot with the license in hand. Drive well Lovely Daughter--your life depends on it.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Sweet Sixteen

In two days, L.D. will be sixteen. In one day, L.D. will have a "fake" party. Tonight, L.D. is having a "surprise party". Nobody has spilled the beans so L.D. was genuinely surprised. See the Surprise Moment. It was totally Hollywood...

The set The Feast Hello to adoring fans

...Lovely Wife had this great idea to have everyone show up as a celebrity and prepare a celebrity tribute to L.D., then they would try to guess who the celebrity was. We had Hillary Duff, Paris Hilton, Phoebe from Friends singing "Smelly Cat" and many others. Everyone had a great story and weaved L.D. into their backgrounds. They also all pitched in to dress the L.D. Then each girl gave Lovely Daughter a "real" tribute and everyone had to guess who wrote what. It was so nice to hear all her friends say such good things about her. One nearly brought tears to my eyes. We ate lasagna, pizza, Ceasar salad and had ice cream cake.

The Celebs Smelly cat, smelly cat... Thank you for this lovely watch

The next morning after sleeping in, we had barbeque for lunch and then played Demolition Ball. Wow! What a great game. It's a combination of Polo, Basketball, and Bumper Cars...what could be better. My initial intention was to play a game or two and then take pics/videos. Well, that ended in an abrupt failure. I could not pull myself away from the game. What an utter and complete hoot.

I wish.... The D-Ball Girls Well, I had to give you a flavor of the game

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Home Tour

Vase--after Vase--during
Lovely Wife has been quite busy "house sprucing". She's been tasked with decorating two homes that will be on the home tour later this month. Considering there are only five homes on the tour, those are pretty good stats. So, "what is a home sprucing?", you may ask. Well, it's taking all of your current stuff and maybe arranging it better, paint it a little, upholster it, perhaps, buy a few extra nick-nacks. Not a major overhaul, just "taking it up a notch". And notch it up she did. Pictured here is a vase in various stages of "notch-it-upedness". It began as a plain, solid vase that was on display. L.W. painted it, added some swirly-do's and designs and then put an arrangement of dead stuff in it. Fabulous. And this is what she did throughout two houses.

Monday, September 4, 2006

Lovely Daughter's Namesake

Big L.D. and Little L.D.

There is a little girl in the neighborhood with the same name as Lovely Daughter. Little L.D. really looks up to big L.D. and big L.D. just adores little L.D. And they both like to color. And they're both really cute.

Sunday, September 3, 2006

The Air Show

The gang from church enjoying the airshow

Stealth Bomber AV-8 Harrier

...and we have front-row seats. A good friend of mine works at Executive Beechcraft, so he invites the gang to watch from the E.B. hangar. Sometimes, you can see the pilot in the cockpit as they fly by. There were aerial acrobatics, strafing runs by A-10 Warthogs, hovering AV-8 Harriers, there was even a P-51 Mustang. Great show and a lot of fun and...a good time was had by all.

Aerial  acrobats F-Something-or-other A-10 Warthog