July 4th, 2003

I hope all of you have/had/are having a great 4th. Here are some peeks of our celebration. Enjoy.

The Ski Show

The ski show was a huge success. There were over 100 skiers and a wide range of acts: pyramids, swivel, slalom line, wakeboards, ski jumpers, kneeboards, bare-footers, you name it. Lovely Daughter was in the Junior Ballet Line. They begin with a "Flying Dock Start" then do kicks and arm waves (think Rockettes) as they go around. Once they get back on land they do a little routine. Lovely Daughter was the star of the show. Lots of pics of the event. Hint: hover the pointer over the picture to see the caption. Click on a picture to see the full size.

Flying Dock Start--Lovely Daughter's Line Show Girls Lovely Daughter Ski Jumper

Pyramid The Set Lovely Daughter doing her routine That's Mr. McDonald to you

Lovely Daughter--again Lovely Daughter's Line Chuck a Duck Friends and Neighbors

The Fireworks

The fireworks on the lake were great. Family Miller invited us to go out in their boat to enjoy the display. Always so much better out on the lake. You can practically walk across the lake on the boats yes, there are that many.

Ooohhh Aaahhh Lovelies on the Boat Ooohhh Aaahhh

After the "Official" show we made our own show. At the Miller's, of course. Better to wake up their neighbors.

Lovely Daughter the Pyro BoyHeads Wake up Neighbors

The Ski Show Redux

As always, there is the second ski show over the 4th of July weekend. Again, Lovely Daughter was the Star of the Show (but I took some pictures of other acts too.)

The Air Chairs Ski Jumper Another Ski Jumper Lovely Daughter

BareFooters Lovely Daughter is 4th from the right Coming in for a landing. Lovely Daughter is 3rd from the right Lovely Daughter's Bud

Well, it's been an excellent 4 day Holiday Weekend. "The Boo" and Randy (pictured left--sorry Mom, but it's a good picture) came to visit and enjoy the whole shebang with the fam. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and are sorry that it has come to an end. But, alas...there is the family vacation to look forward to at the and of July. Perhaps I'll create another page for that adventure. Come back and check. As for now, addios. God Bless you all and God Bless the United States of America