Vacation 2004

The front yardWell...some of us are relaxing.  Look closely

Well, we made it to the lake again this year. If you missed the big trip last year click here.

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Say it like Paul Harvey... Good Eight Those socks really are a nice look This trip down to the lake was different this year than in all previous years. How so, you say? BoyHead drove. Not all the way, but probably half. He got a good 10 hours of highway driving under his belt. I, of course was in the front giving pointers--no emergency pointers needed. He did quite well and will be as good a driver as he is willing to be. I've told him on several occasions that if he dies in the next 10 years, it will likely be in a car. So take it seriously. Enough of that. We're on vacation! The drive down was uneventful except for our brief excursion into the Muscogee, Oklahoma Super Wal-Mart. Seems we forgot a few things. I think some of us forgot more things than I actually took. But, enough of that. We're on vacation! We arrived around three on Saturday afternoon and commenced to relaxin'. We played quite a bit of shuffleboard that day. I recommend playing shuffleboard in socks--it gives you a nice slide and it's quite a good look.

Come and get it BoyHead and Paw-Paw Brother Carl

by Sunday nearly the whole family had gathered for fun, food and festivities. Lovely Wife, of course, did much of the cooking. That girl doesn't know what a vacation is. We played shuffleboard, cards, poker, tennis and generally had an all-around good time.

Two beauties LW applies the soothing Aloe Vera to LD's sunburn Woof!

We were all sitting around minding our own business. We were having a good time. Then our spotters noticed storm clouds on the horizon. The sky was chaotic with undulating clouds that could have been born in Hollywood. These were actually some spectacular mamatus clouds which were protruding from the bottom of the thunderstorm anvil. The skies were clear further to the west so that as the sun set it cast shadows which had a dramatic effect.

Lovely Wife and her mother were actually bird watching...but I couldn't let that ruin a good story Mmmore Mamatus Mamatus clouds at sunset

Oops...I did it again Lovely Daughter on the tube

What lake trip would be complete without some boating expeditions. We had quite a few. Tubing, swimming, skiing, burning. We did it all. And we have the pictures to prove it. I didn't get any pictures of skiing, actually. Nor did I get any pictures of me tubing--I was voted most gleeful, by the way. But I did get lots of pictures of the kids tubing. Now that's a good lookin' couple... ...and some good lookin' young 'uns

He got rode hard... ...and put up wet. I also did manage to get a couple pictures of the BoyHead wiping out

Uncle Randy was kind enough to arrange a skeet shooting session for the BoyHead and I. We went out to Charlie's ranch and had us a good ol' time. BoyHead is a natural at shooting...must be all those video games he plays.

Them skeet are good eatin' The Marksman The boys at the ranch

It was an excellent trip to the lake and we hope to make it again next year. See you then.