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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Are you BLIND, that was clearly IN!!!--just kidding

We're Just So Proud of the BoyHead

He gets good grades. He has an excellent tribe of friends. He's pleasant and nice (most of the time). He's a good and careful driver (I pray). He's a wonderful son. And he's on the tennis team. GO BOYHEAD!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Resurrection Sunday

Smile, because my Dad is such a Goober that he'll put this on his website This is serious business

We had a lovely time this Easter Sunday. We spent the day prior painting eggs. L.D. had her friend Special K over and they were quite the pair. The decorated eggs all afternoon. They got so carried away that they even started painting me. This is no slap-dash dye job either. The eggs are dyed, painted and honed to perfection. I also spent a good part of the day on Saturday preparing for Sunday school. I was to lead a discussion about the origins of Easter. I was quite astonished. Some in my class were also. But we didn't let that little bit of knowledge dampen the whole day.

delicate painting I felt like Hiawatha Put those things in the fridge, willya

After all, we had to cook breakfast for 150. Egg casserole, cheese eggs, biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon, and flapjacks--lot's of flapjacks. Yours truly was Captain Flapjack. I never counted how many, but I spent 2.5 hours over a hot griddle--pouring and flipping, 16 at a time. If you figure 5 minutes per batch, that comes to about 500 flapjacks.

food for the troops Feeding God's warriors Come and get it

Friday, March 18, 2005


Retreat at Windemere

Lovely Daughter went on a girls retreat with the church this past weekend and had a GREAT time. They went to a place called Windemere, on the Lake of the Ozarks. When they got back on Sunday evening, all the parents went to their youth group meeting and brought food. After we all ate, the girls shared some of their encounters and revelations from the weekend. Many of them had very moving testimonials. Lives had certainly been changed. L.D. share a story about three types of swimmers: those who put a toe in to test the water, those who wade in, and those who jump in with a cannonball. I think she's a cannonballer.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Jay Letterman Show

Gimme an 'R', gimme an 'A'... Whoa, I'm talkin' to Heidi Fleiss here.

On Sunday, Lovely Wife and I were in a skit at church. It was written and directed by L.W. Costume designer: L.W. Old Testament Consultant: L.W. Basically, it was her show--and she was the star. It was an interview by Jay Letterman (a composite character, to be sure) of Rahab of Jericho. Rahab was the Harlot who hid the spies before the Battle of Jericho. I was Jay Letterman. Lovely Wife was Rahab. She was excellent. She had the accent. She had the costume. She even had little finger cymbals. But I had notecards.

Monday, March 14, 2005

I'd rather be dead than Red in the Head

The Poor Lad has Lost his Way

I've suspected it for some time and I can no longer deny it. But, I just can't understand. He came from good solid stock. He was raised in the conservative south. He studied at SMU. He read Ayn Rand for cryin' out loud. But now, he's finally come out of the closet. Do you see the Hammer and Sickle? He's a red. A commie. A pinko. My own brother! Oh, you might think, "he's just a regular tourist visiting one of the great cities of the world". Ah, but there are the numerous such trips to the former Soviet states. And formerly communist eastern Europe. Probably Cuba too. Now that I think of it, I believe he has a Fidel poster in his garage. Also, check out the hat pin. That tells the whole story. That is a true indication of where his sympathies lie.

Monday, March 7, 2005

Baby Tomatoes

hello little FY05BBT01, come to Papa

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present the first of my newborn tomato plants which I have affectionately named FY05BBT01 (full name: Fiscal Year 2005 Better Boy Tomato number one). This year, I decided to get an early start on my tomato garden. I planted seeds in late February with the hope of transplanting the seedlings outside in early to mid April. When I tried this a few years ago, I havested a bumper crop of softball sized tomatoes. This year I also plan to start early with the fungicide to reduce my chances of blight which has plagued me in recent years. I also plan to treat the soil with lime to further reduce blightiness. I've also suffered the effects of wilting disease for the past two summers; this year I intend to employ the talents of a local Shaman. See you in July with mater sammiches.